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When a storm hit’s, you may see about 200 roofers from out of the area, looking for work.  Some are legitimate and some are not.  In order to tell the different ask for the following credentials.

  • In the state of Kansas, ask for a copy of, “State of Kansas Registration Certificate”.
  • In Johnson County, ask for a copy of, “Johnson County Contractors License”.
  • Ask for a “Certified HAAG Roof Inspectors” certificate.
  • Ask for a certificate of insurance and have your name put on it.
  • Most cities in Kansas require a “City contractor permit and/or a License”.
  • In the state of Missouri you need to be registered with the state.
  • You also need to provide a “certificate of insurance”.
  • Most cities require in Missouri require a city License and/or permit.
  • ​Have a Certified HAAG Roof Inspector, and Insurance certificate.

Philip Lima, owner KC Pro Roofers


Mission Statement

Our mission is to alert the home owner on how to exert their rights as spelled in their home insurance policy.  Most homeowners are unaware of the Insurance Companies’ obligations and responsibilities to the insureds’ home repairs and claims.  Having “3-HAAG Certified Inspectors” on staff that speaks the same language insurance adjusters do, is the best way to show our commitment to the homeowner’s cause.

Philip Lima

We are here to be your roofing advocate !


We specialize in roof replacement and roof repair. We want to help you get the very best results with a roof that will last decades.

We want to take the anxiety out of coordinating between you and your insurance company. We have the experts that know how to professionally repair and install complete roofing systems in the Kansas City area. Whether your roof has been damaged or just old, we have solutions for you.

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Hail damage is a real threat to your roof. Your insurance will help you.  more

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We work in the areas of Kansas City, Gardner Roofing, Kansas City Hail Damage, Kansas City Roofing, Lansing Hail Damage, Leavenworth Hail Damage, Leawood Roofing, Merriam Roofing, Mission Roofing, Olathe Hail Damage, Olathe Roofing, Overland Park Hail Damage, Kansas City Roof Damage, Lees Summit Roofing, Gladstone Roof Repair, Grandview Roof Replacement, Shawnee Roofing, Independence Roof Replacement and many more.

Annual Inspections

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